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‘Writing an Impactful Story at 17’

Hi readers! My name is Hannah Soukup, and I’m a young writer trying to make a difference in the writing industry. As a victim of my mental health, I decided to write and publish a book telling the story of a young girl with similar issues. I began writing To Be Consumed when I was 17 years old, and about six months later I got it published. The plot is not the cliché “main character struggles with issues at home” arc. Instead, it is profound and realistic. I aimed to write a story people could relate to and would bring  attention to the many internal struggles that go unnoticed within our society. 

Not only is To Be Consumed realistic and suspenseful, but it highlights how the main character, El, affects those around her. There are several plot twists on each page. As readers progress through the plot, they become more attached to the characters, making the story more impactful. Depression, substance abuse, sexism, and several other issues are touched on to bring awareness. Millions of people struggle with mental health daily. I felt that writing a short, but heart-wrenching story such as this one may shed light on the importance of those issues. No matter how big or small the impact is, I hope that readers will better understand some of the issues it encompasses. 

I hope my work will reach those who need it. I will continue advocating for society to grasp the seriousness of mental health. If any readers are interested, please check out my novel To Be Consumed (available on Amazon). 


‘The Future of R&B?!’

Written by Hannah Soukop

​Hey DymeSquad! Recently we did an interview with ARI-ELLA, a talented R&B artist, choreographer, and dancer with a fun and bubbly personality. This amazing artist resides in Richmond, Virginia. ARI-ELLA grew up around gifted poets, which helped shape her interest in both music and creativity. She began her musical journey in the church, as she grew up in a religious household. As her skills developed, she found a love for dancing, playing instruments, and singing. 

Inspirations and Family Life: 

ARI-ELLA found inspiration in her mother, a well-known musician overseas. As her interest in music progressed, her mother became her manager. They have a wonderful mother-daughter bond, and ARI-ELLA has gained both expertise and experience from her mom. This has further developed her music career and made her more business- minded. 

A Style with Many Layers: 

Now, onto style. ARI-ELLA does not like to conform to one style. Typically, she dresses in a way that matches the vibe of the music she is working on. She has several aspects of herself, which affects how she dresses. This includes how she is feeling on a specific day. For example, ARI-ELLA is a psychology counselor, so that can influence how she dresses. She has many layers within herself that are separate from her music career; which she often tends to keep private. This all coresponds with her ever-changing style. 

Personal Setbacks and Beliefs: 

One of ARI-ELLA’s huge achievements is her acceptance to Julliard, a  prestigious music school. She was unable to attend due to financial issues, however, she believes not attending Julliard allowed her to partake in interests also important to her:  psychology and mental health. She also mentions a traumatic breakup that she went through in college. This influenced the theme of her album “Crown Me”, helping further her music career. As a big believer in God and the universe’s plan, ARI-ELLA is grateful for the subtle setback….

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